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The Smart Parent's Guide to Facebook: Easy Tips to Protect and Connect With Your Teen

A pocket guide for moms and dads looking to extend their parenting skills into the world of Facebook.

Can Facebook be dangerous? Why do teenagers spend so much time using it? How do you talk to your teen about Facebook? What about cyberbullying?

The Smart Parent's Guide to Facebook is an unofficial book of tips and tricks that addresses these questions and more.  We want to help and encourage parents to fearlessly extend their everyday parenting skills into the world of social networking!

This website offers some additional resources to help you in your Facebook parenting endeavors. Check out our Smart Facebook Parenting Blog where we try to keep up on the ever-changing world of Facebook! You can also join our Facebook Page, where you can interact with other Facebook parents and read and respond to frequently asked questions.

Also, be sure to visit our Downloads section as well, where you can obtain full-size copies of the Facebook House Rules Contract and Facebook Parent's To-Do List.


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